What is YOEKI


YOEKI-SOLUTION - it’s our reason for being and the guiding force that’s driving us to become the one of the most innovative and agile business solution provider. Whether we’re serving one of the world’s best known brands or the coolest startups, our resolve never wavers. We share common desires and values with these brands: to make a difference by empowering a better, innovative, digitized and smart world, in all we do.

We are privileged to join these brands, our customers, in their quest, because it takes tenacity, ingenuity and passion to thrive in this world of unrelenting change. As the fourth Industrial Revolution looms, change is happening 10 times faster and at 300 times the scale – that’s roughly 3,000 times the impact of the first one. To stay relevant, and deliver growth to stakeholders, brands must work with companies they trust to drive innovation at the speed of digital, be agile enough to move business workloads quickly in the face of ever changing policy shifts.

As your trusted business solution partner, YOEKI relentlessly and carefully study the drivers of the changes, to best empower you, and found the following:

Technology Enabled Changes:

Accelerating technological change is permeating every vector of organizational value chains. Disruptions are causing disintermediation and creating new business models, shutting some companies out of their markets completely while opening doors for others. Digital technologies are driving massive transformations. And there is no end in sight. In fact, 60 percent of companies surveyed by McKinsey & Company believe that up to half their income will come from technology-enabled innovation by 2020.

Data analysis is now a science; companies pull data from everyone, everywhere and everything and apply powerful analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning to turn that data into useful insights, actions and customer experiences.

At the same time, consumers devour new technology the second it becomes available at adoption rates never seen, driving consumer expectations to an all-time high.

Meanwhile, barriers to market entry for emerging competitors are at their lowest point ever.

Technology is changing everything, fast.

The Digital Age:

Digital Age is a perfect storm for epic proportions. In weathering this storm, our mission has become clear: To become one of the world’s most INNOVATIVE and TECHNOLOGICALLY advanced business solution provider, who cares for you and offers you growth empowerment.



Our Principles aren’t just a pretty inspirational wall hanging. These Principles work hard, just like we do. We use them, every day, whether they’re discussing ideas for new projects, deciding on the best solution for a customer’s problem, or interviewing candidates. It’s just one of the things that makes Yoeki peculiar.


Do not hesitate to repeat, we believe “Repetition makes reputation and reputation makes customers”.

Hire Better:

Hire People that are better than you and then leave them to get on with it.

Little Magic:

Always work to create little magic for your customers.

Have strength to Disagree:

“The Customer is not always right”. Do not compromise for the sake of financial benefits or social cohesion. Your ‘Disagreement’ should result into value-addition.

Employees First:

Build relationship with your employees first- Yes even before Customer. The greatest asset for us is our People. We take pride in our people as they make us successful

Comfort Last:

Growth and Comfort do not co-exist.

The Purpose:

Working for Purpose and adding Values go hand in hand. Work for Purpose. Each one of you should have his or her own story to share.

The Innovation:

Innovation is adding values to your Customers.

The Gap:

You have got to look for a Gap, where competitors in a market have grown lazy or complacent.

Respect Time:

Respect Customer’s time and make sure your time is also respected.

Mitigate Risks:

“Risks comes from not knowing what you are doing”

The Perspectives:

We believe disparate perspectives foster innovation and growth