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Financial Sector

Financial institutions are facing unprecedented market challenges. Revenue and profit sources are shifting. Cost pressures are rising. Business models are transforming. Customer behaviors are evolving. At the same time, regulators are putting the industry under ever-increasing scrutiny. Some institutions are maintaining or improving profitability, while others are failing to adapt. What does it take to win? A clear strategy, an outstanding business and operating model, and disciplined execution.

Working with Yoeki and using its IT solutions, many NBFC’s simplified its operations and reduced its operating costs by up-to 28%. It also established scalable global functions. The overall result was a lower-cost organization that was more focused on delivering value to clients.


New technologies – and challenges – continue to emerge rapidly within the Manufacturing/Industrial industries. With a rich portfolio of capabilities, we partner with our customers on deep technical and business roadmaps. By leveraging our proprietary device enabled automation solutions, customers meet regional standards, navigate tax and tariff requirements, and manage logistical challenges in emerging markets. From multi-market conglomerates to new automation for industrial companies, at Yoeki we’re innovating design, solution, and development of automations solutions that enable our customers to solve challenges in these fast evolving sectors.

As companies transform themselves into digital enterprises, digitalization is changing everything. This trend calls for new concepts for automation and integrated solutions, What’s needed is digital planning and simulation, integration into industrial IT solutions, access to top security functionalities and consistent, end-to-end data interfaces for new service strategies.

Find out how you can respond faster, more efficiently and more flexibly, and exploit the benefits of digitalization today.


We are in an era of unprecedented innovation in the telecommunications industry, driven by the demand of voice, data and video users for ubiquitous high speed connectivity. The rate of technology advancement is intersecting with a pull from the global marketplace, creating pressure across the communications ecosystem to dramatically reduce development cycle times and price points. Winning in this dynamic landscape requires equipment vendors and service providers to leverage trusted partners who are committed to increasing speed and eliminating waste throughout the product realization process.

We partnered with major Telecom Service providers in India, Middle East and Maldives for their digitization and automation needs keep IT as their backbone of automation. We work with our partners and try to match their business vision by giving dynamics solutions. Whether it is implementation of ERP systems or integration of multiple systems, we always meet our client expectation.

Find out how you can integrate multiple system for better business understanding to take informed decisions. Whether it is management of complex billing system or project wise budget planning and control, get in touch with us to understand our solution offering.

Oil n Gas

As a result of global industrialization and increasing mobility, the demand for crude oil and natural gas continues to grow. As the amount of oil and gas produced increases, so too does the need for transportation and further processing facilities with automated and digitized IT enabled solutions

In order to monitor and increase the efficiency of this equipment, probes and sensors are used to adopt efficient processes for their business operations. Major problem is ‘island’ solutions and hence disintegrated business processes. Whether it is supply chain management, meeting demand with quality or financial impacts of each cost center with route/resource. Our solution give complete insight with one integrated solution with the help of Serbane-Oxley compliant as core ERP systems.

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New, connected shopping environments combine the mobile and social experience while leveraging changes in payment methods. With advances in wireless, power, optics, and miniaturization technologies, retailers make it easier to buy with smarter incentives, informed decision making, and more convenient fulfillment through an Omni channel strategy.

Omni channel means servicing a customer in their preferred mode — in store, online with home delivery, and online with in-store pick-up or at an automated retail location. For example, near-field communications can trigger a display of targeted discounts or be used to process a payment. Robotic systems can monitor inventory, store compliance, and pricing as well as retrieve and deliver stock to a shelf, a counter, or a residence. The consumer can instantly share their shopping experience with friends. The connected product itself can communicate, perhaps enabling remote operation or reporting a need for refills. Data and related analytics are key to identify and track customer behavior and preferences, and ensure accurate pricing and inventory availability at the point of fulfillment.

Yoeki Solution engineers, creates IT enabled solution architecture, and ramps products for the modern retail environment that include barcode/RFID scanners, kiosks, ATMS, point-of-sale devices, and intelligent vending. Regardless of the product mix, designers creating retail environments partner with Yoeki to consider how to integrate Bluetooth, WiFi, RFID, GPS connectivity, and a multitude of other sensor capabilities into IT solution that reflect style and sustainability. These solution typically require custom, innovative design and precision architecture using advanced Yoeki’s expertise.

By Solution Life-Cycle


Solution Innovation

The Internet of things, smart packaging and devices, connected homes and cities. These are just some of the global technological trends that are advancing, converging, and touching every industry, business, and consumer. The pressure to innovate and to deliver complex products and improved user experiences to market quickly has never been higher. To deliver the right solutions and succeed, companies need to effectively bridge the gap between capturing and understanding consumer and market insights all the way through to effective commercialization. Innovation-Realized- It’s our business model. It’s in our DNA. That’s what makes us different. This is why the world’s leading companies trust us in their day to day operations.

Solution Design

We help you deliver a better customer experience that builds your brand loyalty and drives consumer adoption. Integrating imagination with discipline, expertise, and efficiency. And when designing for IT enabled digital solutions, this means carefully considering all phases of development and production to create the highest functionality at the lowest cost. It also avoids the costly and risky “Oops, we should have thought about that earlier” scenario.

In effective design, prototyping is key. It lets system engineers virtually explore and optimize a component before investing in coding, testing and implementing. And it enables accelerated product introduction to bring the best product to business operations quickly and at scale. And with prototyping software labs and software development expertise under the same roof, the move from design to development is a seamless transition. Partnering with Yoeki brings an innovative attitude, broad design and IT expertise, and tons of experience as one of the most innovative IT solution partner.

Solution Development

The goal of the Development phase is to build and test the system components defined and approved in the design specifications, including developing the customizations, integrations and interfaces, and data migration processes. The major deliverables include the complete system configuration, completion and freezing of code for customizations, integrations and interfaces, and data migration.

The Development phase involves ongoing project management activities to manage risks and issues, communications, change requests and project plan updates. The deployment and knowledge transfer plans that were initiated in the Design phase are updated. The future state business process models is updated and finalized in this phase. The development of the training guides is completed and presented to the customer for review.
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Even the best product has no impact until the customer sees it and uses it. Delivery, whether it’s a consumer product left outside the door or an IT system which is used by end-user, is where all the efforts of product designers, engineers, and developers come together. Adding support service, it’s the final step in creating customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

From partnering reputed OEM’s, Yoeki has a long history of successfully meeting the challenges of ever-shifting supply chains, complex cost structures, turbulent economies, and environmental regulations to get products on computer desks, laptops, palmtops and mobile at customer end reliably.

Featured Solutions


Solution for NACH Mandate

Commercial Banks, Credit Unions, Stock Brokerage Firms, Asset Management Firms, Insurance Companies, Finance Companies are the segments umbrella under Banking and Financial institutions. In India, the Reserve Bank has set up the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) as an independent entity to build state-of-the-art, consumer-friendly electronic systems for these establishment which focuses on dealing with recurring financial transactions, such as investments, loans and EMI’s and deposits etc.. One of the latest offering from NPCI is NACH/eNACH, It’s a centralized system used for bulk transactions with respect to collection pertaining to loans, insurance premium, investment in mutual funds, electricity, water, telephone etc.

Most of these BFI’s use facilities like ECS/NACH/eNACH for the retail customers for collection purpose. However services have been implemented with the intention of standardizing procedures and providing best industry practices with respect to electronic transactions across all participants, but registration for collections through NACH remains an operational nightmare, majorly due to manual errors, low acceptance of technology and limited knowhow in non-urban areas of the country.
Yoeki’s zipNACH solution is a cloud based (App and Web system) for validation, digitization and automation of NACH/eNACH mandate registration process.

zipNach’s robust systems gives an option to integrate through API or to use the plug and play option through an existing UI of Yoeki Soft. Using zipNACH results not only in increases cost efficiency, but also reduces operational risk and minimizes turnaround time by digitization and eliminating human error.

ZipNACH provides validation of information and pre populated fields for mandate which help in standardizing operations for the corporate. zipNACH is one of a kind solution which enables unlimited users of the corporate (on field/branch based) for initiating mandate registration process from the point of sale.

SOX Compliant-ERP Systems

In 2002, the United States Congress passed the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) to protect shareholders and the general public from accounting errors and fraudulent practices in enterprises, and to improve the accuracy of corporate disclosures. The act sets deadlines for compliance and publishes rules on requirements.

All public companies now must comply with SOX, both on the financial side and on the IT side. The way in which IT departments store corporate electronic records changed as a result of SOX. While the act does not specify how a business should store records or establish a set of business practices, it does define which records should be stored and the length of time for the storage. To comply with SOX, corporations must save all business records, including electronic records and electronic messages, for “not less than five years.” Consequences for noncompliance include fines or imprisonment, or both.

As a result of SOX, IT departments are responsible for creating and maintaining an archive of corporate records. They seek ways in which to do this that are both cost effective and that are in complete compliance with the requirements of the legislation. The first concerns the destruction, alteration, or falsification of records and the resulting penalties. The second defines the retention period for records storage; best practices suggest corporations securely store all business records using the same guidelines as public accountants. The third rule outlines the type of business records that need to be stored, including all business records, communications, and electronic communications.

Being in SOX compliance and complying with other regulatory standards is nearly impossible without the correct security solutions in place. Providing evidence of compliance is even worse because evidence must prove written controls are in place, communicated, and enforced while supporting nonrepudiation. The correct security software solution provides the supportable evidence so that all of your compliance efforts are worthwhile.

A software solution for meeting compliance requirements should be able to monitor data, enforce policies, and log every user action. With evidentiary-quality trails, all of the data needed for compliance is in place. Protect your data and your business with a software solution that ensures SOX compliance and rest a little easier during your next audit.

Partner with Yoeki for implementing SOX complaint ERP systems like:
•  Microsoft Dynamics AX
•  SAP
•  Oracle ERP etc.